Find non-commented Python lines in Komodo

I’ve been doing a lot of large scale refactoring recently.

This entails a lot of “find all instances of this and replace it with that” – in non-trivial ways (of course – any monkey can do a search & replace).

Obviously I also want to only bother with non-commented lines of code.

I use Komodo for my Python coding, and while it’s a great IDE in a lot of ways, it would appear I’m the first coder that’s ever wanted to search only active lines of code (/sarcasm). Komodo does have a great regex search feature though, so I put that to use.

After much head scratching (every regex engine has its own delightful little quirks) I found this incantation:


Which will find all single-line non-commented instances of ‘find’.

Now, bugger typing that mess in every time I want to find something, so here’s a better way.

Go View | Toolbox (so the toolbox appears on the right hand side). Then right-click & “Add New Macro”. Give it a sensible name and enter this into the main text area:

if (komodo.view) {komodo.view.setFocus();}
var search = ko.interpolate.interpolateStrings(‘%ask:SearchFor:’);
Find_FindAllInMacro(window, 0, ‘^\\s*[^#\\n]*’ + search + ‘.*$’, 2, 0, false, false);

It has to be Javascript – Komodo doesn’t offer the %ask functionality in Python macro scripting (nice one, guys).

Next give it a decent key-binding on the second tab. Click in the “New Key Sequence” box and hit a vulcan key combo that works for you – I’ve used Ctrl-Alt-F – followed by clicking Add.

Hit OK & you’re ready to roll. Anytime you want to find non-commented lines of code, hit your key combo, type your search string and voila!


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