Insert/Edit link button not working on WordPress (Firefox, Adblock Plus)

Just figured out a bug/conflict that’d been niggling at me for a while.

A few months back, the Insert/Edit link button (on the visual editor page of WordPress) stopped working under Firefox.

I’d just done a whole bunch of site upgrades, so I figured it was just a temporary wordpress bug.

However, several updates later, and it’s still there – and on a couple of different sites, so I thought I’d investigate a bit further.

After much digging around, I figured out what it was.

Adblock Plus blocks the javascript because it creates a popup window called “tinyMCEPopup” – and of course, the anything called “popup” is evil.

To fix this, ensure that Adblock Plus is set to show in the status bar. (Tools | Adblock Plus Preferences – then when the window opens, under Options, check that “show in status bar” is ticked)

Then you’ll get a little red ABP stop sign in your status bar, you can then right click on that, and select “Disable on [yourdomain].com.” When you do that, it’ll go grey, showing that your domain has been whitelisted, & Adblock Plus will stop screwing with it.

Once the ABP icon is grey, you’ll need to refresh the page, but after that, everything will be hunky dory.


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New Twitter Minimaliser

Twitter recently forced everybody over onto what they’ve dubbed “New Twitter.”

It’s got more functionality than the old version – which translates to “a lot more visual clutter.”

I’d been avoiding it for the most part, simply because I like clean, simple, straightforward. When I’m using Twitter on the web, I want to read tweets and send tweets. Nothing else.

Now I have no choice (if I’m using web-based Twitter), I thought I’d do something about it.

Thus, I present to you! The New Twitter Minimaliser.

This is a GreaseMonkey script, which means it works if you have the GreaseMonkey Add-on (follow that to get it) for Firefox, or if you run Chrome (where a lot of GreaseMonkey scripts run natively).

The New Twitter Minimaliser does the following:


  • Recommended Users
  • Trends
  • User Recommendations
  • The “Witty Definition”
  • Ability to do new style RTs (one click & all done)



  • Old Style RT button (where you quote the user & add your comment)

It also shrinks the dashboard on the side, and makes the main text area much larger. Ie, focusing the screen real estate on where it’s most useful.

It doesn’t screw with any of the code on the page (just the css) so it can’t add any new bugs. It’s also carefully optimised so it works very well on 1024×768 screens.

Oddly, now I’ve been running this script for a while, I actually prefer New Twitter to the old version. It’s much cleaner & snappier. Functionality wise it’s a bit of a wash – some things are easier, some things are harder.

Now, if I could just figure out how to get New Twitter to show me incoming DMs only (like old Twitter did, rather than one mushed up list), I’d be a super happy camper.



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