Adobe AIR Locks If Installer Service Not Running

This is kindofa ridiculous post, but I Googled & couldn’t find anything, so this is primarily to help other people that might have this problem.

Adobe AIR apps will lock up (ie freeze) if you try to click a url (http link) in them and the Windows Installer service isn’t running.

I tested this with both in Twhirl (v 0.8.6 & 0.8.7) & Tweetdeck (v0.20b), on Windows 2000 (Win2k) SP4.

Typically if you start the service (either through the gui interface, or with a NET START MSISERVER run at dos or from Start-Run) after you’ve clicked a link, it’ll unlock the app.. but not always.

I have no idea why AIR needs to have the installer service running in order for it to connect to your browser (frankly I find it both suspicious & more than a little lame), but there we have it.

Hopefully this helps someone. And yes, this was a deliberately keyword heavy post :)


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December 13th, 2008 | Web |